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Company Incorporation

Creation of new companies in Bulgaria and internationalisation of already existing entities. 

We provide consultations and assistance with the establishment of any type of company (LLC, Ltd, NGO), VAT registration, internationalisation of already existing enterprises as well as commercial and tax domiciliation.


We arrange the preparation of all necessary documents in bilingual format, paying particular attention to current Bulgarian, Italian and international legal norms.


In addition, we manage ordinary, extraordinary transactions and related administrative services: anything from opening corporate and personal bank accounts to application for special permits and licenses, company purchases and sales, employee hiring and any other obligations required by Bulgarian law.

Every business is unique and has different necessities, which is why we are committed 

to meeting each and every request, need and expectation of our customers.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Accounting services, VAT returns, financial reports and tax advice. 

Our accounting services include: monthly bookkeeping, annual financial reports, monthly VAT statements and refunds, payroll management and support regarding all tax requirements and news.


We offer assistance and advice to companies, professionals and individuals, not only for standard demands, but also for any other kind of need – administrative or non-administrative.


Taxation matters are not easy, which means they must be treated by competent specialists with experience. With our in-depth knowledge of national tax laws, we ensure the best decisions, the optimisation of the tax burden and the minimization of risks of any related problems, as a result of correct planning.

We know you need to concentrate on your business; which is why we will deal with any potential problem and will help develop new opportunities for our clients.

Business Consulting 

Process optimisation, analysis and assistance within business and commercial management.

We provide full support from data and process analysis to sector assessment and feasibility studies. We also deliver commercial and marketing services in addition to assistance with forecasting and strategic and economic evaluations.


Every business faces different problems that require specific solutions; each objective requires a strategy tailored with innovative and optimised management methods in order to achieve the desired goal.

Owing to our professionalism and your positive attitude towards change, we can improve your business performance and develop new growth opportunities together. 

Services and Assistance

Personalised solutions for every needs, business support services, legal and notary assistance.

We offer support services of various kinds, both business and personal, such as: opening bank accounts, legal and notary assistance, insurance contracts stipulation, legalisation and requests for documents, sworn translations, delegations and vehicle registration.

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We are going to take care of everything you need to create and grow your business.



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